Photographed by Tom Fischer

Photographed by Tom Fischer


Courtney Ray is a crazy dog mom, Florence + the Machine loving, Cher obsessing, Angelina Jolie super fan who just so happens to be a photographer.  She earned a B.F.A. in Photography and an M.A. in Business Design and Arts Leadership (Arts Administration) from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Her work is always personal to her with storytelling being extremely important to the meanings of her photographs. 

"If I could help one person with my work, I've fulfilled my duty as a human being."                                                                                      - Courtney Ray


Forgiving Home - Solo Exhibition - 2018

SCAD Open Studio Night - 2017

Aint-Bad - 2017

SCAD Permanent Collection - 2017

"NEXT" SCAD Senior Showcase - 2017

Aesthetica Magazine - Long-listed artist/featured in their annual artist anthology - 2017

"LOOK HERE!" Curated by SCAD Photography Alumni - 2016

SCAD Portfolios on Behance - 2015